Make your Mark at Moss Park
with Box Tops For Education!

Put 25 Box Top certificates in a ziplock bag. (No Expired Box Tops Please.)
Fill out one of the labels with your Name, Grade and Teacher and put
inside the bag. Drop the bag in the big BoxTop box in the school lobby.

(For the label sheet, click on the picture above or here.)

Turn in as many bags of 25 Box Tops as you want throughout the year. Each week we will
have a drawing for Eagle Bucks to purchase items from the school store.
 You will be in the drawing for every completed sheet you turn in!

Must complete label with your Name/Teacher and Grade with 25 box tops bagged.
Please drop the bag in the big Box Top box in the school lobby.
Cannot accept expired box tops and dates must be showing on each.

Good Luck!

ONE WINNER each week will receive a BoxTops Spirit Stick. Students can also earn a BoxTops Spirit Stick for every 100 BoxTops they turn in throughout the year!

 BoxTops Weekly Drawing

More Opportunities to Earn with Box Tops For Education!!!

 click here >> Join Box Tops For Education Online!

Box Tops For Education also give you chances to win by doing every day things like playing games on the web and shopping! The Box Tops Marketplace allows you to earn box tops for shopping at places you would shop anyways, like Barnes & Noble online! For example, at Barnes & Noble, you can earn 6 Box Tops for every ten dollars you spend! Have a girl who likes to shop at Justice fashion? 5 Box Tops for every ten dollars spent! Do you shop at JC Penney's online? Why not? 3 Box Tops for every ten dollars spent! Click Below!:

  Box Tops Marketplace

 Also, click the link below to join a sweepstakes to earn box tops for our school!

 Box Tops Sweepstakes & Contests