The deadline for submitting photos for the 5th grade celebration photo collage is April 30th. 

You can download and print the Baby Photo Consent form here

Here is the link to upload your photos:


Upload Directions:
  1. Enter Your Email
  2. Choose Photos
  3. Upload (1) Baby Photo. Add the caption Baby Photo – Student’s First and Last Name, HomeRoom Teacher’s Last Name (for example: Baby Photo – Hans Solo, Yoda)
  4. Upload Favorite Pictures of MPE Milestones. Add the caption “Event Name”, Grade – Student Names (for example: Field Day, 3rd Grade – Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2)
  5. For questions, submit to EVENT OWNER, 5th Grade Mom, Lis Sampson

Baby pictures email directly to with first and last name of child.  Also the first class to send all the forms into their teacher (homeroom teacher) will be first class into 5th grade celebration.