2021-2022 Year in Review 
The 2021-2022 school year was a mixed bag. While yes, we were full time face to face instructional learning, spikes and waves in the pandemic made it hard to plan and be fully back in action. With a handful of virtual events thrown in, we made the best of the year to be present for our students and staff. The response to our in person events and fundraising efforts astounded us. We are grateful for all who showed up, attended and volunteered. Thank you to the 21/22 PTA Board and everyone who made this year’s events, programs, giveaways and fundraising possible.

2020-2021 Year in Review

It’s been a long hard year, but together, we accomplished some amazing feats. From the beginning of the pandemic, MPE PTA quickly realized our number one initiative would be to build our community, connect families and attempt to reduce social isolation.

With the tireless efforts of our team and community, we provided programs, contests and events to appeal to students and families. We didn’t do it alone but with PTA volunteers creating, planning and executing memorable virtual events. Teachers, staff, leadership and families encouraged and taught the value of participating in the Moss Park Community.
The MPE PTA Year in Review graph below shows what MPE PTA was able to accomplish during this memorable year. None of this could have be done without the support of our PTA members. We hope that our engagement and enthusiasm continues to grow.

Thank you to our 2020-21 MPE PTA Board for their hard work and support this year! And thank you to our MPE volunteer parents who have been a huge support with many working behind the scenes to help things run smoothly! Everyone has done such an amazing job. Truly, a year we won’t soon forget. Rest, recover and revel in the fact that we all did something extraordinary this year.

Summer is starting, but that doesn’t mean our forward momentum will come to an end. We will be planning for next year and looking for volunteers for many activities to come. Be sure to follow this website and visit our Facebook page for more information on how to join the MPE PTA and the committees. We look forward to seeing you all in the fall!